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Social Media Contests - Best Practices Stoneham TV Lunch & Learn Thursday, July 11, Noon-1:00PM

If there’s one thing that marketers and consumers love equally, it’s giveaways. Branded competitions, contests, or sweepstakes—no matter which form they take, giveaways carry a certain value both for companies and their customers.

You’ve likely seen many brands hosting giveaways on Facebook or Instagram. It’s for a good reason: Social media giveaways can help create brand awareness and drive engagement.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the success of a social media contest. The prize, the target audience, the eligibility requirements, the platform-specific rules and regulations, and best marketing practices can all make a difference between a successful campaign and a total failure.

At our next lunch & learn on July 11, digital marketing specialist Dennis O’Hara will discuss social media contests and how to run the ones that will be successful for you. Topics include:

  • Types of social media contests and how to decide which kind to run

  • Selecting the appropriate prize, giveaway, or offer

  • Platform-specific rules that govern contests on Facebook and Instagram

  • Using social media contests to drive traffic to your website

  • Making your contest stand out

The program is free and open to all. Lunch will be served from Gaetano’s. Space is limited, so reserve your spot soon!

If you have any questions (including dietary concerns), call (781) 438-8340 or email

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