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Apple TV

If you own an AppleTV in addition to any other iDevice (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), you can also view Stoneham TV On-Demand 

on your television. With a wi-fi network, this feature allows you to "fling" your CloudCast video to a large-screen TV from an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad via a feature called AirPlay. 

Here's a short video that shows you how:


In addition to watching Stoneham TV programming On-Demand on our website, you can also view Stoneham TV On-Demand on a Roku: a streaming

content playlist.

Watching Internet-delivered TV on a Roku is simple:

  • Connect a Roku box to your TV’s HDMI port

  • Sign up for a free Roku account online

  • Browse the Roku Channel Store for programming that interests you. PEG.TV is listed under the “Special Interest” category toward the bottom of the channel store page

  • Navigate over to PEG.TV Community Television, select it, and “add to your channel”

  • Within PEG.TV you will see the full listing of available community channels, which can be browsed by “public”, “educational”, or “government”, or be searched by state

  • Stoneham TV On-Demand can be found in the "Public Access" heading

All the content that is available on Stoneham TV On-Demand on our website is also available on our Roku channel. So, if you missed a Selectmen meeting or want to catch up on some great local programming, you can do so from the comforts of your office chair or your favorite recliner.

Note: This feature only works with 2nd generation AppleTV.

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