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Amy Brough Palmerino

Executive Director

781.438.8340, Ext. 2

Hello!  My name is Amy Brough Palmerino and I love teaching the Stoneham community how to make “TV Created By You!”  I am privileged to be the Executive Director of Stoneham TV and I really take pride in our mission of helping you create community spirit through video production.


We have come a long way since I started at Stoneham TV in June of 2003.  As a new startup non profit PEG (Public, Educational, Governmental) Television Station, I was given the challenge of finding a space for our station, purchasing equipment that is professional, yet easy to use for community members, and hiring staff members to help me in this goal.  Achieving this goal has been an exciting adventure!  I started out in my Toyota Corolla for the first 6 months, traveling to different locations that might work out to house a television

studio, while at the same time trying to find some video cameras that could replace the SVHS cameras we had acquired.  Finally in December 2003 it was time to add to our staff and we were so very lucky to hire George as our Operations Manager!  While I love my Toyota Corolla, it just wasn’t suited as an office for two people so we were able to have a temporary office in the basement of Stoneham Town Hall.  We stayed in the Town Halluntil June 2004 when we moved to our current space at 53 Central Street. We taught classes in field production, editing, and studio from this space for over a year until we started the renovation process of turning a church into a television studio.  On Thursday, May 25, 2006 we celebrated the Grand Opening of Stoneham TV with the entire community gathering for a night of tours, food, and fun!


I graduated from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, Massachusetts with my bachelors of arts in English/Communications and my bachelor of science in Education.  For all four years I worked as a work study at the college’s television studio and got a wonderful foundation on all facets of television production!  A month after I graduated, I was so fortunate to be hired at Wilmington Community Television as their Training and Production Coordinator.  I couldn’t believe that I could actually use my college degrees and “teach television!”  How exciting!  I learned so much about helping a community come together through the art of television and after two years, while I was sad to leave, I was hired as the Executive Director of Reading Community Television!  I loved Reading and was so happy to work with the community.  In my spare time while working at WCTV and RCTV I somehow found time to get my master of arts in broadcast journalism from Emerson College.  I didn't get a lot of sleep during that time, but I did it!  Then in 2003 when all of my studies were complete I made the move to Stoneham TV!  It was very exciting to find a building and help start this non profit organization!  I am very fortunate to work here and enjoy working with the individuals and organizations of this great town! 


Now in my spare time I spend it with my husband and children swimming, playing ball and traveling.

George Manfra

Operations Manager

781.438.8340, Ext. 3

Hello.  I’m George Manfra and I have a great job.  Great, because as Operations Manager of Stoneham Community Access my job involves a combination of both people and communications equipment.  I enjoy meeting new people of many different backgrounds, learning about their loves and their passions. I enjoy the part when we discover that despite what differences there may exist between us, we also usually share very much in common.  I’ve also always enjoyed learning all I could about new advances in audio and video equipment technologies.  I remember, as a child, the first stereo (or so I thought it was at the time) I wired together out of found, discarded pieces of audio equipment.  In my spare time I like to keep abreast of my fascination with audio and video equipment by reading the latest audio/video magazines, surfing the web and attending trade shows.  A large part of my job consists of researching and installing new equipment, learning

how it all works and maintaining it.  Which brings me to the reasons about  why my job is so great.  Great, because I get to combine my love of people with my fascination of communications equipment.  I’m able to share the knowledge I learn of communications equipment as I train community members of many different backgrounds and age groups how to produce community programming.  I think I must have inherited this love of sharing knowledge trait from my father, who’s a retired teacher.


I’ve been involved in Public Access Television since 1990.   I also enjoy spending time with my family (my wife and two sons), especially when all four of us can coordinate trying to be together in the same place at the same time.  I like working on and riding old motorcycles, sleeping under the stars and trying to mix stones and water (mosaics).  So, what are your interests?  Why not drop by sometime.  I look forward to our meeting. 

Program & Training Coordinator

Paola Camargo

781.438.8340, Ext. 3

Hi there! My name is Paola Camargo and I love working in an environment where I can help others in a creative and positive way. That's just what I get to do here at Stoneham TV. Along with working on Stoneham TV's website, social media presence, and filming and editing content, I also have the opportunity to work hands-on with our members. I train our members in Final Cut Pro X so that they can take their shows and projects to the next level. I also work with our several student programs in partnership with Stoneham Public Schools, The Boys & Girls Club of Stoneham & Wakefield, and The Stoneham Recreation Department where we create television shows using our studio cameras and our portable camera and sound equipment. I love getting the chance to teach students about all the resources and outlets they have available to them through visual media arts. Another key role I have is programming our content and programs across our PEG

channels, so I get to bring all of the wonderful work our members and surrounding communities create right into your living room!


Born and raised in Miami, Florida I fled from the sun and chased the snow to New England. I graduated from Emerson College in 2015, with a major in Communication Studies and a minor in Leadership and Management. I focused my communication classes on marketing, crisis communication, and interpersonal communication. Paired with my love of photography and video, I try to incorporate my people skills where I can be of influence to others. I love working here because of the people I get to meet and the groups I get to work with and there is no greater feeling than working with our members and seeing their visions and ideas come to life.


Outside of work I love swimming in the ocean and swimming, traveling to new places and eating interesting foods, reading and adding books to my home library, hiking with my husband and our dog or getting chased around the house by our two ferrets, and enjoying slow Sunday afternoons with a pot of tea and vinyls.

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