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Facebook Groups - Social Media Lunch & Learn

Facebook Groups Social Media Lunch & Learn Stoneham TV Thursday, September 26 Noon-1:00PM

The latest count estimates that there are 620 million Facebook Group. With this rise in popularity, it is important to examine this app feature for its relevance to business and organizational marketing and communications.

Are you a car enthusiast? Pet lover? Looking for advice on cooking, parenting, accounting? There is a Group for you on Facebook. Should your business or organization create and maintain a Facebook Group? What are the marketing advantages, things to know, and potential pitfalls? Join us for this one hour informative seminar.

These topics will be discussed:

  • What a Facebook Group is and how it differs from a Page

  • Creating a Group

  • Adding members to a Group

  • Posting in Groups

  • Moderating and maintaining a Group

  • Generating revenue with Groups

Please click here and submit the registration form to attend the workshop. We look forward to seeing you! The program is free and open to all. Lunch will be served from Gaetano’s. Space is limited, so reserve your spot soon! If you have any questions (including dietary concerns), call (781) 438-8340 or email

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