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Digital Marketing Success for the Holidays

Stoneham TV Online Marketing Webinar

With the holidays accounting for such a large portion of businesses’ sales, it’s important to be prepared to capture your customers’ attention and those crucial year-end sales.

However, there are a lot of holiday promotions out there and it can be difficult to get your customer’s attention.

During this webinar, digital marketing expert Dennis O’Hara will provide you with tips and actionable steps to stand out from the crowd with a holiday marketing plan that leverages the channels that matter most to your business.

You’ll learn tips for:

  • Planning your holiday marketing campaigns and content marketing

  • Promoting your campaign in all the right channels

  • Using your stats to identify who your hot leads are and how to follow up with them

The webinar will be presented on Zoom and is scheduled for Wednesday, October 12 at 11:00AM. Pre-registration is required, and the Zoom link is sent after registration is complete.

Please fill out the form below to reserve your spot. We will send you the Zoom link after you register..


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