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Stoneham TV’s Virtual On-Air Raffle and Auction

Stoneham TV is going virtual with our raffle/auction event. You will be able to watch on our public access channels and streaming live online.

We missed producing our annual auction in 2020 (along with many other things impacted by the pandemic), but it gave us an opportunity to develop a new format that combines a raffle and auction with chances and bids available online! This new, fun format allows our supporters to take chances on their most favored items, and bid on the auction items leading up to the reveal of the high bidders.

We are asking our supporters to help make the raffle and auction a success by donating gift baskets, items, products, services, or gift certificates. Click here to donate.

Funds raised during the raffle and auction support our education efforts. Our programs in the Stoneham public schools, Boys & Girls Club, scouts, and other organizations are central to our mission.

You can also support the event by becoming a sponsor. Please email for details.

Stoneham TV serves the community and social media needs of the residents, businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations in Stoneham. We provide training and resources to allow all to make use of this important medium; increase access to educational, cultural, political, municipal, and human resources within the town; and strengthen the ability of all organizations to serve the residents of the community.

During the pandemic, we have worked very hard to keep the community informed on the changing public health announcements, and made sure that Stoneham residents could continue to watch government meetings on cable TV and online.

Your donation of an item, a gift basket, or gift certificate valued at $50 or more will provide you with valuable exposure to the local community and beyond during the holiday shopping season, and will help us to reach our fundraising goals! Gift vouchers should have an expiration date no earlier than December 31, 2022 unless there is a compelling reason, such as a seasonal business, that it must be earlier. Please contact Dennis O’Hara with any questions or concerns,

Donations valued at $250 or more will be featured on the Spartan Auction.

If your business does not offer a product or service that would work as an auction or a raffle item, we have a list of popular items that you can purchase and donate. Your business will receive the same promotional exposure as every other item donor. Please call (781) 438-8340 or email to discuss your donation.

As in the past, your business and donated item(s) will be featured on our Preview Show which will air continually throughout the event, and acknowledged on our social media channels before, during, and after the event.

Please click here to submit the online form. If you have any questions, please call auction coordinator Dennis O'Hara at (781) 438-8340 or email

Thank you for supporting Stoneham TV!


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